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Apple Vision Pro Owners Report Front Glass Crack

Shattered Expectations

by | Feb,28,2024 07:15:33am

Reports are surfacing from numerous Apple Vision Pro users about a peculiar crack forming on the front glass of their devices, without any reported incidents of dropping or physical damage. Intriguingly, these reports share a commonality: the crack is consistently located in the same area across different devices.

Users have observed these cracks after leaving their headsets connected to power sources overnight, suggesting a potential pattern. The cracks uniformly stretch from the upper edge to the lower portion of the headset, precisely where the glass contours most dramatically.

This recurring issue signals a possible design or manufacturing flaw, urging affected users to seek support from Apple for a thorough examination.

Upon reaching out to Apple Support with the issue, affected customers were informed that they would need to pay the $300 deductible under their AppleCare plan to proceed with the repair.

For those without AppleCare coverage, the cost to replace the damaged cover glass escalates to $800. Despite Apple’s sales figures indicating that approximately 200,000 units have been distributed, the number of users reporting this specific problem remains relatively small, suggesting it is not a common defect.

To date, Apple has not officially commented on these reports, likely awaiting evidence of a more systematic issue before making a public statement.

Should Apple not officially acknowledge the crack as a defect related to manufacturing, warranty coverage for this issue could be denied, as has been reported by some users.

MacRumors highlights that Apple has historically launched special repair programs for acknowledged hardware flaws, but such initiatives are contingent upon accumulating a sufficient volume of reports to justify a thorough investigation and acknowledgment of a pervasive issue. This situation underscores the advice often given regarding the cautious approach to adopting first-generation Apple products.


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