Navigating the Future: Google Maps’ AI Revolution

by | Feb,03,2024 09:46:53am

Google is bringing AI to Maps, making it smarter. This new feature is still being tested and is only for some users in certain places. It lets you talk to the app in a simple way to find new spots, whether you’re exploring your city or traveling across the country.

Here’s what it does: You can ask the app to help you find a place, like a restaurant that fits everyone’s food choices. Google uses its AI to check a huge list of places and advice from other users to give you the best option.

Google’s AI adapts to any request, whether it’s specific or broad. For instance, when looking for popular restaurants in New York, it evaluates local options, considering user ratings and reviews to offer various choices, showcased with images and summaries.

The AI’s generative nature allows it to remember your preferences. So, if you seek a lunch spot after browsing vintage stores, it suggests places matching the earlier retro theme, demonstrating its ability to recall and integrate your tastes into its suggestions.

You can use this feature spontaneously, like finding activities during an unexpected rainstorm, by asking the AI and refining with follow-up questions. Although it’s currently only available in certain US locations for some users, feedback from these early testers will help expand its availability.

The latest AI features in Google Maps include the ability to use natural language for discovering new places, leveraging Google’s large language models and insights from the Local Guides program. This AI can provide personalized recommendations based on specific requests, like finding restaurants for various dietary needs, and adapts to changing conditions like weather. Initially, these features are available to select Local Guides in certain areas of the US, with plans for expansion based on user feedback.

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