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Apple Warns Against Rice Method for Wet iPhones

Tech Experts Join in Advising Safer Practices

by | Feb,23,2024 10:30:04pm

In a recent support post, tech giant Apple issued a cautionary alert against a long-standing remedy for wet iPhones: the use of uncooked rice. This age-old method often resorted to by panicked users facing water exposure mishaps with their devices and seeing the message, “Emergency Override“, has been debunked by Apple, citing potential risks of rice particles causing damage to iPhones.

Apple’s advisory signals a significant shift in the common practice that has prevailed for over a decade. The company explicitly stated, “Don’t put your iPhone in a bag of rice.” Alongside this warning, Apple discouraged the use of hair dryers or other external heat sources and cautioned against inserting objects like Q-tips into the phone’s connectors. Moreover, attempting to charge the device while it’s still wet was strongly advised against, as it could exacerbate the damage.

This announcement has drawn attention to the need for safer and more effective methods to address water exposure incidents with smartphones. In response to Apple’s guidance, tech experts from Techable have emphasized the importance of adopting alternative drying techniques.

Despite the widespread popularity of the rice method, it has long been criticized for introducing dust, starch, and other debris into the intricate components of electronic devices. The fact that rice lacks the purported magical ability to extract moisture from electronics and can potentially cause more harm than good.

We have always advised our customers against relying on the rice method and instead recommend gentler and more reliable drying practices. Gently tap the phone to remove excess liquid and allow it to dry naturally in a well-ventilated area. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of exercising caution when attempting to charge a wet device, as it could lead to irreversible damage.

In light of Apple’s warning and the expert advice from Techable, smartphone users are urged to reconsider traditional remedies and adopt safer approaches to mitigate the risks associated with water exposure incidents. As smartphones continue to evolve with enhanced water-resistant features, it becomes increasingly vital for users to stay informed about best practices for device care and maintenance.

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