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Problems Facing The iPhone X, Complaints And Fixes

Are you an iPhone X owner or perhaps you want to get one for yourself? It is important that you get up to speed with the potential problems you could face once you purchase the iPhone X. There have been several reports of issues like incoming call delays, unresponsive screens, Face ID failures, cracked lenses, buzzing speakers and many more.

The iPhone X was made public on September 2017 and was later on sale on the 3rd of November 2017. However, it’s no longer on sale after Apple discontinued the product after the release of the iPhone XS, iPhone XR and XS Max.

Despite the iPhone X being an amazing gadget, it is not without flaws.

Complaints On iPhone X

Several users have complained that the camera lens cracks easily. A lot of people have criticized the unresponsive touch screens (for which Apple has issued the iOS 11 update), buzzing speakers, green line and Face ID security. Furthermore, Apple is looking into claims of incoming calls being delayed.


Let’s take a look at some of these issues…

Non-responsive iPhone X screen

Apple has confirmed that some of its iPhone X models suffer from a bug that makes the screen, or part of the screen, non-responsive to a user’s touch.

It has been noted that on some iPhone X models, the display or part of it does not respond to touch, and in some instances, the display even reacts when not touched.

The Fix: In response, Apple is giving out free screen replacements for devices that have been affected. Visit Apple’s site to know more.

Cracking Camera Lens

It appears that the iPhone X camera lens cracks easily. According to complaints left by iPhone X users on Apple’s support forums, they did not even drop their iPhones to cause the damage.

Some users suggested that perhaps the cold weather was to blame for the cracked lenses, however, even iPhone X owners in warmer regions have also experienced the same cracked camera lens.

The iPhone X camera lens is manufactured from Sapphire glass, which, based on popular opinion is supposed to be twice as tough as normal glass.

Apple has allegedly refused to replace the cracked camera lenses under warranty so customers are most likely going to pay out of their pocket for a device replacement.

Face ID Does Not Work

One of the major issue affecting the iPhone X according to several users is that the face ID isn’t working properly. The face ID was supposed to be a mind-blowing upgrade by Apple after they eradicated the fingerprint scanner and the home button. Yet, consumers are still experiencing issues.

Problems Facing The iPhone X, Complaints And Fixes

The Fix: There are two ways you can get this issue fixed. Firstly, make it a habit to always clean the “notch” on your iPhone X device. The reason is that a lot of sensors are located there, not excluding the projectors and the camera. The camera lens is like an eye, you have to wipe it clean to make sure it sees clearly.



Secondly, make sure you scan your face in a well-lit area and not in a low light environment. If you changed your look after scanning your face, you’re bound to have facial identification problems. Once this happens, Reset your Face ID by heading to the settings tab > Face ID & Passcode and choose Reset Face ID to set up the process again.

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