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iPad Air 4 vs the iPad Pro 2020

which iPad should you go for?

Apple just announced the iPad Air 4 last September 15, with an all-new design closely resembling the iPad Pro. With the 10.9-inch Retina display nearing the iPad Pro’s 11 inches, the latest chip Apple has to offer (A14 Bionic versus A12Z of the Pro) a new USB-C port just like the Pro, and a not just fast but faster latency with the Apple Pencil compared to the… well, you get the trend.

iPad 4 or iPad Pro 2020?
Spot the Difference

So why did Apple release the said unit with the Pro already in their arsenal? Did they just decide to shove off the iPad Pro and continue the line with the Air? It has more color options with five, a newer chipset, and faster latency for the Apple Pencil. The logical consumer decision is to just skip the Pro and go for the iPad Air, right? Not quite. 

The iPad Air 4

The new iPad Air ditched the classic thick top and bottom bezel design for a more uniformed, thinner bezels similar but slightly thicker to that of the iPad Pro. To achieve this would mean the front circular Touch ID is placed on the side of the power button itself. This is the first time Apple went for this design decision which was popularized by Sony phones. However, unlike the Pro, the Air won’t come with Face ID, which may be preferred by some and despised by others. So, it’ll come down to your personal preference – also considering this is a facemask season, on what security feature you prefer.

The iPad Air 4
iPad Air 4 power button and Touch ID sensor

Apple also offers five new color options, something that is lacking before in their iPads. You may view this as the iPhone XR or iPads. The color options are Rose Gold, Green, Sky Blue, Space Gray and Silver, the first three being the new additions.

What color are you going for?
The colors you can choose from!

The base model, iPad Air, being $200 cheaper means there are obvious cutbacks to separate it from the Pro lineup. But it seems Apple did not make it apparent enough for the average consumer. 

A Closer Look

First, the Air is missing the ProMotion display you’d find in the Pro which is fitting for the Pro name. You’ll also not find the quad-speaker set up in the Air. Rather, a dual stereo speaker setup. Don’t be fooled by the same quad cutouts on the Air as this could just be a design aesthetic, just like what you’d find in the iPhone’s button speaker grill where only one cutout is functioning. The base storage for the iPad Air is only 64GB, which for 2020, should be considered an obsolete spec.

The iPad Air may be the first on its line to equip USB-C, however, one minor detail is that it only supports 5GBps data transfer compared to the Pro’s 10GBps. As for the camera setup, the Air houses the same main camera as the Pro, a 12MP sensor which is no doubt the best camera you’d find in a tablet. What separates them though is the Pro sports a wide-angle camera, which is highly favored by photography enthusiasts. It is always a nice-to-have hardware feature that is unfortunately not included in the iPad Air. 

To whom is the iPad Air 4 for?

If anything, the iPad is the bridge to a smartphone and a dedicated laptop. If you don’t mind not having the fastest refresh rate on a tablet screen, or the quad-speaker setup, then the iPad Air could be the tablet for you. Then again, one thing to note is that upgrading the iPad Air to the 256GB variant would cost you $749, whereas the Pro at $799 will give you 128GB which is considered the goldilocks zone for internal storage.

So you really have to think well about what you need on a tablet. Our advice? If you can afford the 256GB variant of the Air, why not go for the Pro which offers a decent 128GB storage, a beautiful fast refresh rate, clear-sounding quad speakers, and a dedicated wide-angle camera. 

Consider a refurbished iPad

If you think an iPad Air 4 or iPad Pro 2020 is too expensive for your budget, there is another option you can consider to get the same breed of this device without burning a hole in your pocket. Have you heard of refurbished devices? 

Here at Techable, our Certified Technicians follow a meticulous refurbishment process to ensure that all products we offer including iPads are in top-notch condition. We conduct full testing in order to follow the same standards on brand new Apple products. We also have a 32 point inspection that plays an integral part in our refinement operation. In the end, it will feel like getting a new iPad, the only difference is that you can save more.

Visit our shop to see for yourself. You can get a unit for only a fraction of its original price. There are also discounts from time to time. Catch them before it’s too late!

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You’ve probably guessed it right, the iPad Air 4 is not in any way, a replacement for the iPad Pro 2020. If you currently have an older model of the Air, then you’d be delighted to upgrade to an all new design, more color options, whilst still retaining what makes the iPad Air the iPad Air. A lightweight tablet you’ll have no problem bringing to work, school or a cafe. But if you really need the ProMotion display, quad-speakers, and a second wide-angle camera, then 50 bucks more wouldn’t hurt for an iPad Pro.

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