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Blue Light Blocking Glasses
What Are Blue Light Glasses For You?
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Have you ever met someone who claims that their vision changed because of too much exposure to computers? How about people who say that their heads start to hurt from the bright screen they face for a long period of time? Or if you find yourself in any of these situations, you might be interested in blue light glasses which are in the works.

We are all aware that digital screens emit harmful rays and with these blue light blocking glasses, we can avoid or minimize their ill-effects on our health. After all, the issue has become a major concern for many people in the world so it’s about time we get the technology for it. 

What are Blue Light Glasses?

Blue Light Filter Glasses

It should be very clear by now that the primary purpose of blue light glasses is to filter out the harmful rays released by our computers and gadget screens. However, there’s a difference between these glasses, which lies in the amount of blue light they can filter when we use them to protect our eyes. 

Admit it or not, we are becoming more and more dependent on screens. Can you remember the last time you lurked on your phone? It surely isn’t a long time ago. Thus, our gadget exposure has become alarming and overwhelming. You should start checking your screen time! Remember, this has different effects on our health, and that’s more than we are ever aware of. Protection won’t hurt!

If you are one who easily gets fatigued or tired after facing your computer screen, you might find hope in this coming technology. Chronobiology International published a study confirming that blue light glasses are helpful since they can aid adults with a hard time sleeping faster and better at night. They mentioned that the use of a pair of these glasses pre-bedtime should solve some electronic screen-related problems.

Another research supports this from the same source. It suggests that by wearing blue light glasses three hours before you go to bed, you will be able to have a more relaxing and calming sleep. 

Indeed, this shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t have to face screens all day, but these glasses look promising if you are looking for a protective gear that will serve as your shield from these harmful effects that may take a toll on your health as time passes by. 

Even outdoor activities may have a major consequence in our eyes. Having this kind of eyewear would be even more ideal. How would the glasses work to protect you from these dangerous rays?

The Features of Blue Light Filter

Various light spectrum ranges are visible to our naked eyes – blue to red. You will find the blue light on the spectrum’s edge, which is already synonymous with invisible UV light. On the other hand, blue light is known as the “high-energy visible light” or HEV. It has a shorter wavelength than the colors which are near the red spectrum that usually hits our eyes. And that’s how it always works. 

Here’s an illustration from Gunnar:

Blue Light Glasses
This is how rays hit our eyes!
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As you can see, the blue light lies on the advantageous part of the line, and this is from the sun. This ray is responsible for controlling the cycles of our sleep. It also has a say in our memory. Exposing our eyes to these rays can be very dangerous as they are not natural. This is why you should be conscious. 

There is current work that backs up the said claim. It focuses on the effects of extended blue light exposure, which comes from the devices we use daily. When we are around them all the time, they will bring changes in our retina, such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration. This originates from the blue light that the sun emits. As an effect, we might experience headaches, eye strain, and uneasiness when we sleep. 

When you have blue light glasses, you can be sure to avoid the consequences of too much exposure to these devices and gadgets. Take advantage of them!

Do We Reall Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Realistically speaking, it is a challenge to minimize our screen time exposure, most especially if our work revolves around these gadgets or if we are studying. Are you in any of these situations? If yes, owning a pair for the best protection should be a good idea!

Based on The Vision Council, 80% of the reports say that we utilize digital devices right before sleep, and we also spend time on gadgets when we wake up. This is when our body cycle changes and suffers. And not everyone is aware. 

With this Covid-19 pandemic, the work from home set-up has become very common too. Imagine the rate of exposure many people are experiencing these days. We just cannot live without digital screens, especially if what we do for a living is related to it. If that’s the case, there’s nothing we can do but learn how to live with the norm while protecting our health. All thanks to blue light glasses, we can solve these!

Measuring what’s right for you

Blue Light Filter Glasses
What’s the right fit for you?
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While artificial blue light is much weaker compared to the sun, it may still contribute to future eye problems if we are not careful. Good thing the specs on these blue light glasses would have a special coating, and they will filter the said rays. How high the percentage depends upon what you prefer to buy, though. 

Blue light glasses might come with a yellow tint, while some designs are clear. If you want a pair that will filter more rays, then the yellow one is right for you. Its shade does wonder. But, if you are unsure how to approach this technology, it would be best to consult your eye care professional for more guidance. 

You will most likely come across online retailers selling the glasses with or without prescription. Read more on them if you are still comparing options. 

To sum it up

These glasses can alleviate eye strain and bad sleeping habits caused by gadget exposure. Its effectiveness may still be a trial-and-error. Practice screen computer hygiene to avoid future issues! You will be able to avoid the symptoms when you prevent them from happening!

For more information and updates on the improvement of these blue light glasses, stay tuned to Techable regularly!



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