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Decode Apple Serial Number

Decode Your Macbook Pro Serial Number

Decoding an Apple Serial Number

Have you ever wanted to know what your Apple serial number means and how Apple structures its Mac serial numbers? 

Apple serial numbers are not just a random combination of numbers & letters. Each digit or character uniquely assigned to any hardware or software for the identification of specific hardware and build information. You can compare an Apple serial number to your or my DNA. Like our DNA, a serial number identifies everything that constructs us.

Apple uses serial numbers on the majority of its products from iPhones, iPads, and Macbook Pro, all the way to smaller items like their Magic Mouse. All of the serial numbers are structured with similar paters. Understanding the serial numbers can help in a variety of instances from repairs to buying or selling. Let’s take at what makes up an Apple serial number. This article will take a look at Apple serial numbers and give you an idea of how you can decode your Mac’s serial number on your own. If you’re in a rush, we suggest you use Techable’s Apple serial number decoder to learn all about your Mac’s specs, part numbers, processor details, and pricing guide for your Mac. 

Techable’s Serial Lookup Tool

 At Techable, we want to help create a transparent Apple marketplace that gives the users the ability to compare and contrast different all of Apple’s bestsellers including iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro, and iMac.

We’ve been selling Refurbished Used Macs for over a decade and have nothing but glowing reviews throughout the Internet. We noticed there’s a lot of confusion and deception in the industry. Sellers on large sites like eBay and Amazon use confusion tactics to trick their unsuspecting customers to purchase old Macs. These sellers while representing them using a serial of deceptive tactics. Consumers buy overpriced Macs because they simply are uninformed.

Techable launched in 2016 and it’s taken us years to create a database that encompasses every Mac that Apple has ever created. Our Apple Serial Number Lookup tool gives consumers the ability to search any Macbook Pro, Air, iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device by serial number.

Macs have gone through a lot of changes over the past decade and we want everyone to have the opportunity to buy a Mac at an affordable price.

Looking for an automated Apple Serial Lookup?  to search our 800+ page catalog containing your Mac’s specs and the value calculated by tabulating 1000s of sales online. Think of Techable as Kelly Blue Book for Macs.

Apple Serial Number Decoder
Use our free Apple serial number decoder to determine your devices specs and value.

(Click on the image to use our free serial number decoder)

Where To Find the Serial Number of Your Apple Product

Whether you have an iPhone, Macbook Pro, Air, iPad, iPod, HomePod, or Mac you have a serial number that can be decoded.  An Apple serial number is as unique as their products. Here’s where you can locate your serial number on your Apple device: 

  • embedded on the surface of your device;
  • linked to your iTunes account;
  • stated in the Apple Menu;
  • shown in General Settings for smaller devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, etc.

Serial numbers are pretty interesting actually. Serials are not just computer-generated characters since Apple serial numbers are consist of pertinent information like manufacture date and place, specifications, color, and storage capacity. Once you understand the common code and structure of a serial number, interpreting its meaning becomes a piece of cake for you.

To illustrate, let’s run through the different ways again. Apple usually will engrave your serial number Apple laptop lines. On Macbook, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air, you can find your serial number on the bottom cover.  You can also find your serial number on your original box.

You can always check your iTunes account because it’s there too; however, you have to log in to see it. Alternatively, you can check the “About This Mac” section of your device. For smaller Apple devices, go to the General Settings for the pot of gold.  It is that simple. So make it a habit to know where and what your serial number is in case you encounter problems in the future. This should save you a lot of time

Understanding the Construction of Apple Serial Numbers

We should have established by now that Apple serial numbers are far from incomprehensible gibberish characters you see on the box of your gadget, or on the surface of your device because they show useful information and facts about your device. 

This is how Apple constructs its serial numbers


As you can see above, there are two formats in serial decoding you should remember: the Old (11) and New (12), comparatively. Apple started this distinction when it tweaked its format in 2010. For this reason, it is okay to assume that any model manufactured before that year used the old serial number – yes, 13” and 15” MacBook Pro models, we’re looking at you.  Meanwhile, models released recently used the new format. On the other hand, the numbers in the parenthesis indicate how many characters comprise your serial number. Generally speaking, it revolves in that logic. 

The three symbols show the manufacturing location of your device; secondly, the two digits after that tell us the year and the week of manufacture; so if you’re curious as to whether your iMac is still trendy, this is the answer. The next three, on the other hand, are unique identifiers, which are common in iPhones, while the last four digits represent the model number of your product.

Knowing Your Location Code

Just when you think that the first three characters of your serial number are simply the abbreviation of the country your device is made, you’re mistaken. They are location codes, a mix of letters and numbers, that can determine the location where your Apple product was assembled; likewise, it refers to the factory that created your device or gadget. Hence, it goes as follows:

FCFountain Colorado, USA
FFremont, California, USA
CKCork, Ireland
VMFoxconn, Pardubice, Czech Republic
SG, ESingapore
PT, CYKorea
EE, QT, UVTaiwan
FK, F1, F2Foxconn – Zhengzhou, China
W8Shanghai China
DL, DMFoxconn – China
DNFoxconn, Chengdu, China
YM, 7JHon Hai/Foxconn, China
1C, 4H, WQ, F7China
C0Tech Com – Quanta Computer Subsidiary, China
C3Foxxcon, Shenzhen, China
C7Pentragon, Changhai, China

Accordingly, the year and week of manufacture are also alphanumeric codes, and you’ll see them right after the location code. Fortunately, they are simpler to comprehend. You must remember that the fourth character of the serial number is the year of manufacture and whether the device is assembled in the first or second half of the year. The following table shows how to interpret the character:

Apple Date of Manufacture Codes
C2010 (1st half)
D2010 (2nd half)
F2011 (1st half)
G2011 (2nd half)
H2012 (1st half)
J2012 (2nd half)
K2013 (1st half)
L2013 (2nd half)
M2014 (1st half)
N2014 (2nd half)
P2015 (1st half)
Q2015 (2nd half)
R2016 (1st half)
S2016 (2nd half)
T2017 (1st half)
V2017 (2nd half)
W2018 (1st half)
X2018 (2nd half)
Y2019 (1st half)
Z2019 (2nd half)

To simply put, the standard form of Apple’s serial number is AABCCDDDEEF. Again, it should be at least 11 to 12 characters, which may vary depending on your device’s manufacturing year, or whether it is new or old. Say, for instance, your serial number is 79049XXXA4S, you can decode it as the first two digits 79 for the factory (Foxconn), 0 for the last digit of the manufacture year (2010) and week 49, A4 for the color (black), and S for the storage (16GB, iPhone 4). Hence, these details are enough to know if your Apple product is original and genuine.

AAFactory and Machine ID
BThe last two digits of the year of manufacture
CCWeek of the product production
DDDUnique identifier
EEColor and Model
FStorage Capacity

Thus, understanding these characters unlocks more intricate details about your device. For example, your serial number can tell you the age of your product, or if your warranty is still valid. It can also inform you about the coverage of your AppleCare plan, or if your gadget is locked or not.

Techable’s Serial Number Decoder with Specs & Pricing 


apple serial number Lookup tool


Techable has created an easy way you can find all of your Mac’s specs and current evaluation just with your serial number. Users can get help from us here in Techable because we have designed a modern way of decoding the serial number of Apple devices.

Serial Number decoder
Search by Serial – serial number lookup apple

Techable has created a database of 800+ Apple products specifically constructed to be a reliable resource for Apple users in learning about your Mac or iPhone. Our “Techstimate” price guides can also calculate the current fair-market value of your Apple product. If you’re in the market for an Apple Macbook Pro, iPhone, iPad, our Techstimate pricing can help you understand your devices worth. 

Techstimate Value of Macbook Pro
Techstimate Value of Macbook Pro

Understanding your device and fair market value can assist when trying to buy or sell. Consequently, this technology is beneficial in creating a more transparent Apple marketplace for it tells you the current value of your device.


The Power of Decoding

While it is true that you can find all the information you need in the settings option of your Apple devices, there are advantages when you know this system of codes. After all, you can never predict when your MacBook Pro suddenly crashes. Thus, learning the serial number of your Apple may help you because you may have to replace important parts of your device in the future.

Others may question the relevance of knowing how to decode your Apple serial number; let’s be real – it’s kinda geeky, and it’s not easy at first. Your gadget is more secured when you understand the data you’re seeing; so it is an advantage that you know your Apple product this well. After all, you spent thousands of bucks for it. 

Therefore, if you are an Apple user, we urge you for curiosity’s sake to learn how you decode your serial number. Interestingly, we can help you in Techable to detect the specific parts you need in case of replacements because, with us, you can immediately look up at the right specs for your device. That’s how we do it here. So, visit us anytime should you need assistance with this. 



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